Weight 11,023 lbs.
Starting at $87,673
  • 92 HP Kubota Tier 4
  • 3010 lb ROC @ 35% Tip
  • Vertical Loader, Mechanical Coupler
  • Tilt Operator Station
  • 17.7" track, 4.2 PSI Ground Press
Kubota's updated Compact Track Loader continues to set the standard. A cleaner, more efficient engine, and improved anti-stall, along with standards like the large operator area, powerful breakout force and lifting capacity, and superior stability take performance to a new level. Combined with vertical lift arms, easy maintenance, and Kubota's renowned durability and reliability, what's not to like.
The Common Rail System (CRS) electronically controls the fuel injection timing and amount in stages rather than all at once for optimal combustion. The results are great efficiency, better fuel economy and less engine noise. Its combination with the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)Muffler reduces emissions to make the SVL75-2 Tier IV compliant/ SVL90-2 Interim Tier 4 compliant.
Electronic travel torque management
Electronic Travel Torque Management System lets you work faster with more power. The ECU constantly monitors the load of the machine to optimally control hydraulic pump output according to the load, preventing engine stalls for smoother operation even under severe conditions
Auto regeneration
Kubota’s original automatic regeneration system automatically burns accumulated particulate matter (soot) in the DPF muffler to keep the muffler clean for longer operation. For safety reasons, automatic regeneration can be turned off with the inhibit switch when the excavator is operating in areas that are close to material with potential for ignition.
Vertical Lift Path
Vertical Lift Path
The vertical lift path of the loader arms provides longer reach when dumping at full lift height. It also prevents you from repositioning when raising the loader close to a truck.
Important sight lines are all visible, including the edge of the bucket.
Engine Stall Guard
The anti stall feature prevents engine stalling when forward movement is under resistance.
Tilt Up Cab
Tilt Up Cab
The full tilt up cab allows for easy access to hydraulics, valves and lines.
Self Levelling Loader
During lifting only, the loader bucket stays horizontal automatically.
Loader Float Function
When back-grading, just push the right joystick forward, flick the switch, and release the joystick. The float function is activated until you pull the joystick or hit the switch.
Hand & Foot Throttle
With a hand and foot throtle, you can easily adjust engine speed for travelling while maintaining an engine speed for loader work.
Slide & Tilt Radiator
Slide & Tilt Radiator
Simply loosen 4 bolts and the radiator tilts and slides out for easy engine access.
Original Rubber Tracks
Original Rubber Tracks
The tracks are a unique lug pattern and rubber compound, making for superior traction and track life.
Triple Flange Track Rollers
Triple Flange Track Rollers
The triple flange rollers provide excellent stability as well as protection from de-tracking.
Large Operator Area
Large Operator Area
Kubota's CTL machines boast a wide entrance, ample leg/foot room, high-back suspension seat, and excellent elbow and head room. They set the new standard for any comparable size track loader.
Floor Mats/Drain Outlet
Floor Mats/Drain Outlet
The floor mats are easy to remove, and the drain outlet allows you to wash the mats and foot area right in the cab.
High flow auxiliary hydraulics
This option can increase the hydraulic capacity for attachments requiring larger hydraulics. Both 1/2" and 3/4" couplers are included.
Slide up front window
Slide up front window
The sliding front door can be opened regardless of the position of bucket or attachment, allowing you to get in or out of difficult situations, and also work with the front door open. This is a added benefit when hooking up attachments, thus improving visibility and safety.
Specification Detail  
Model Name SVL90-2 Open Cab  
Make Kubota  
Model V3800-CR-TE4  
Type Diesel  
EPA Rating Interim Tier 4  
Aspiration Turbocharged  
Cylinders Four  
Bore and stroke 3.94 in. (100 mm) x 4.72 in. (120 mm)  
Displacement 230.0 cu. in. (3769 cc)  
Engine gross @ rpm 92.0 HP (68.6 kW) @ 2400 RPM  
Injection type Direct  
Cooling system Liquid  
Cold weather start aid Standard  
Throttle location (s) Hand & foot  
Air filter Dual element  
Oil filter Spin-on type  
Fuel System
Fuel type Diesel  
Fuel / water separator Standard  
Fluid Capacities
Fuel tank capacity 29.9 gal. (113 L)  
Capacity Hydraulics: 10.1 gal. (38.2 L)  
Chassis, Axle and Brakes
Bucket breakout force 7961 lbf. (3611 kgf)  
Chassis type Rigid mount undercarriage  
Parking brake Wet disc  
Drive Train/Transmission
Number of ranges Two  
Travel Speed
Low range
None 5.0 mph. (8.0 km/h)  
High range
None 7.3 mph (11.7 km/h)  
Drive Train/Transmission
Maximum traction force 12,178 lbf. (5524 kgf)  
Ground contact pressure 4.2 psi.  
Hydraulic System
Auxiliary hydraulic flow Std./High: 25.1/36.5 gpm. (94.9/138.3 lpm)  
Oil cooler Standard  
Lift arms Vertical lift path  
Block heater Optional  
Gauges Fuel, Temperature  
Lights 2 Front & rear working  
Optional lights Beacon, Strobe, Tail-light  
Operating weight
None 11,023 lbs. (5000 kg)  
Overall height
Top of ROPS 83.4 in. (2118 mm)  
Overall length 148 in. (3764 mm)  
Overall width 77.2 in. (1962 mm)  
Length of track on ground 65.6 in. (1667 mm)  
Ground clearance 11.8 in. (299 mm)  
Angle of departure 31º  
Overall width
Width 17.7 in. (450 mm)  
30 ° angle shaped track frame Standard  
Safety Equipment
ROPS Certified cab  
FOPS Certified cab  
Seat belts Standard  
Parking brakes Wet disc  
Grab handles for entry / exit Standard  
Back-up alarm Standard  
Safety starting system Standard  
Cab Enclosed, pressurized  
3” retractable seatbelt Yes  
Block heater Yes  
Hydraulic quick connect of attachments Yes  
Allied attachments; buckets, auger Yes  
Hydraulic breaker Yes  
Loader Specifications
Lift arms Vertical lift path  
Rated flow 25.1 gpm. (94.9 lpm)  
Maximum pressure 3555 psi. (250 kgf/cm²)  
(A) Max. Lift height to bucket pivot pin
Standard 128.6 in. (3266 mm)  
(D) Reach at max. Lift height
Standard 40.7 in. (1035 mm)  
(E) Max. Dump angle
Standard 43º  
Loader Dimensional Specifications
(G) Bucket roll-back angle
At carry position 27º  
Loader Operational Specifications
Tipping Load. 35% 3010 lbs. (1365 kg)  
Tipping Load. 50% 4300 lbs. (1950 kg)  
Tipping Load. straight 8600 lbs. (3900 kg)  
Lift capacity
None 5869 lbs. (2662 kg)  
Loader Bucket Specifications
Standard bucket
Width 80 in. (2032 mm)  
Basic 24 month / 2000 hour limit  
Standard Equipment
No implements come as standard equipment

Optional Equipment Available
  • Single tool bushing
  • No periodical recharging
  • Streamlined shape for access
  • Silenced housing & isolated powercell

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