Tractor - Loader - Backhoe
Starting at $23,313
  • Kubota Diesel
  • 2 Range HST
  • 2WD or 4WD Selectable
  • 745 lbs loader lift cap.
  • 6'1" Backhoe digging
The BX25D has been designed exclusively for the easy attachment of a loader, backhoe, mowers and other implements, making it one of the most versatile tractors in its class. With a specially reinforced frame, and high power diesel engine, the BX25D also offers the durability, stability and strength needed for heavy-duty work.
Powerful Kubota Diesel Engine
Powerful Kubota Diesel Engine
The BX25D is equipped with a 23 HP diesel engine. This 3-cylinder workhorses offers unparalleled power for a tractor this size, and more than enough muscle for all your gardening and mowing duties.
Diesel vs Gasoline
The Kubota diesel engines of the BX-Series tractors have several very important advantages over gasoline-powered engines. First: torque. Diesel engines offer greater torque giving them far more power. They are also less likely to slow down or stall when pushed to their limits.They boast far lower fuel consumption than gasoline engines—typically using 20% to 30% less fuel. They typically require far less maintenance, and don’t require the fuel to be replaced even after long-term storage.
Kubota BX-Series tractors also feature a rugged and sturdy 4-wheel drive (4WD). This gives BX tractors far greater traction and is essential for heavy-duty front-loader work and for operating other implements.
Versatile Category I 3-Point Hitch
Versatile Category I 3-Point Hitch
Put your BX-Series to work with its Category I 3-point hitch. This sturdy, hydraulically controlled hitch allows you to attach a wide array of rear implements. (Optional on the BX25D)
Quarter-Inching Valve
Quarter-Inching Valve
With increments of ¼” at the lower link end, our quarter inching valve provides easier implement control. The lever guide’s regulator allows smaller adjustments, which are often required when attaching/detaching 3-point mounted implements or when performing sensitive jobs.
Bright Halogen Headlights
Bright Halogen Headlights
The halogen headlights of the BX offer a clear bright light at dawn, dusk or dark of night. Furthermore, their casing and style have been designed to give the tractor a sleeker look.
Front Implement 4-Position Control Valve
Front Implement 4-Position Control Valve
Our standard front 4-position valve (tractor can also be ordered without valve) provides you with the ability to attach the front loader and other front-mounted implements quickly and easily. Furthermore, the valve does not get in the way and gives the tractor a clean and sleek look. The colour coded lines ensures quick and correct connections.
Reverse Air Flow
Reverse Air Flow
The BX-Series radiator is positioned in the middle of the tractor rather than the front. So, airflow is taken in from the operator area and pushed towards the front of the hood. This reduces overheating, prevents grass from getting in the radiator grill and helps the operator stay cooler.
Compact Body
Though significantly more powerful, the BX-Series tractors are similar in body length to that of a standard garden tractor. This makes the BX easy to drive, and gives you smooth operation even in tight spaces. Despite their compact stature, BX-Series tractors are surprisingly roomy and comfortable.
Deluxe High-Back Seat / High-Back Reclining Seat
Deluxe High-Back Seat / High-Back Reclining Seat
Your high-back seat, standard on the BX2370/ BX2670/BX25D, provides you with soft cushioning and superior thigh support for exceptional comfort during operation. The seat of the BX2370/BX2670/BX25D takes comfort a step further, with a luxurious reclining feature that can be adjusted to your natural posture.
Meter Panel
Meter Panel
A new control panel design enhances operability by placing all vital indications on a single, easy to read panel. The new panel features coolant tachometer on the left and an LCD display for fuel level and coolant temperature on the right. Warning indicators for battery, headlights, turn signal, and low fuel are in the middle. With just a single glance, you get a complete picture of your tractors functions.
Spacious Operator Area
Spacious Operator Area
The pedal layout on BX-Series tractors helps aid operator comfort. The forward and reverse HST pedals are split and the differential lock is located on the left side of the operator platform. This design provides a larger deck area, which offers more foot room, eliminating the cramped feeling of most other tractors in this class.
2-Pedal HST Operation
2-Pedal HST Operation
When frequent changes in speed and direction are needed, HST responds with its smooth operating forward and reverse pedals, leaving your hands free for steering and implement control.
Hydrostatic Power Steering
Hydrostatic Power Steering
A standard feature on all BX-Series tractors, power steering makes steering practically effortless, thus reducing stress and fatigue.
Cruise Control
Cruise Control
For carefree mowing of large spaces, set the BX-Series’ cruise control to maintain a constant speed without keeping your foot on the forward pedal. (Optional on the BX1870)
Hand Rail
Hand Rail

Cup Holder
Cup Holder

Easy-Read Instrument Panel and Light Switch
A clear and simple instrument panel, with a digital tachometer, makes it easy to read all vital tractor functions. The light switch and hazards are also combined to one switch for easy operability.
Digital Tachometer
Digital Tachometer
The BX-Series tractors feature a digital tachometer that offers operators precise monitoring of engine revolutions, especially when operating the PTO. When the engine is off, the digital tachometer displays the hour meter.
Deluxe Lever Guide

DC Outlet
DC Outlet

Foldable ROPS
Foldable ROPS
Now standard across all BX-Series models, this ROPS meets SAE specifications and provides safe and efficient operation. It also easily folds down without tools, allowing the tractor to pass under low-hanging obstructions. It also makes for easier storage of the tractor in a garage or shed.
High Clearance
High Clearance
With 6 inches of clearance - more than any other tractor in their class - the BX-Series tractors easily travel over uneven ground and raised obstacles.
Quick Hitch (Optional)
Quick Hitch (Optional)
Front loader-mounted implements are now a snap to attach and remove, thanks to Kubota's unique Quick Hitch system.
Front loader-mounted implements
Front loader-mounted implements
Optional front attachments include pallet fork and front blade, giving BX-Series even greater versatility.
Durable Shaft Drive
Durable Shaft Drive
The BX-Series shaft drive delivers power smoothly from the mid-mount mower. Unlike belt drives, there is no slippage and maintenance is minimal.
Mechanical Thumb (Optional)
Mechanical Thumb (Optional)
A positional mechanical thumb give the BX25D the ability to grasp and move logs, landscaping materials and other items with ease, greatly expanding the types of jobs you can do around your property.
Boom and Swing Cylinder Cushion Valves
Standard on the BX25D, an integrated custom valve ensures smooth movement both horizontally and vertically, minimizing the shock that's transmitted to the operator when the backhoe arm hits its range limits.
Specification Detail  
Model Name BX25  
Make Kubota  
Model D902  
Type Liquid-cooled, 3 cylinder diesel  
Cooling Liquid cooled  
Aspiration Naturally  
Cylinders 3 Cylinder  
Bore and stroke 2.8 x 2.9 in. (72 x 73.6 mm)  
Displacement 54.8 cu. in. (898 cc)  
Engine gross @ rpm 23.0 Hp (17.1 kw)  
Engine net @ rpm 21.0 Hp (15.7 kw)  
PTO @ rpm 17.7 Hp (13.0 kw)  
Cooling system Liquid Cooled w/ Pressurized Radiator  
Cold weather start aid Glow plugs  
Exhaust/muffler Under-the-hood muffler with side exhaust  
Air filter Paper Filter w/ Cyclone Precleaner  
Oil filter Replaceable Treated Paper Element  
Cooling System
Type Forced Lubrication  
Air flow type Reverse air flow, away from the operator  
Fluid Capacities
Fuel tank capacity 6.6 gal. (24.98 L)  
Cooling system capacity 3.3 gal. (12.49 L)  
Transmission oil capacity 2.1 gal. (7.95 L)  
Chassis, Axle and Brakes
Steering type Hydrostatic Power Steering  
Differential lock - Rear axle Standard, foot operated  
Final drive Shaft Drive  
Brake type Wet Disks  
Drive Train/Transmission
Transmission type Hydrostatic  
Number of ranges 2 Range  
HST pedal Single Pedal, Rocker Type  
Cruise control Standard  
Traveling Speeds (With standard tires)
Maximum traveling speed
Forward 0 - 8.4 mph (0 - 13.5 km/h)  
Reverse 0 - 6.5 mph (0 - 10.5 km/h)  
Power Take Off (PTO)
Rear PTO Standard  
Rear PTO speed 540 rpm @ 3068 engine rpm (540 rpm @ 51.1r/s)  
Mid-PTO Standard (Operates Independent of Rear)  
Mid-PTO speed 2500 rpm @ 3125 engine rpm (2500 rpm @ 52.1 r/s)  
Hydraulic System
Type Open centre  
Main pump Gear pump  
Power steering pump Hydraulic pump  
Total hydraulic flow 6.2 gpm (23.5 l/min.)  
Auxiliary hydraulic flow 4.2 gpm (16 l/min.)  
Loader valve Standard  
3-Point hitch Optional, Category I  
Position control Quarter inch position control - lever  
Lift capacity
At lift points 992 lbs. (450 kg)  
24" behind lift point 661 lbs. (300 kg)  
Alternator Standard  
Charging system capacity 40.0 Amps  
Battery voltage x capacity 12 Volts x 535 CCA, RC: 80 min.  
Block heater Optional  
Engine shut-off Electric Key Shut-Off  
Gauges Engine temperature, fuel tank, digital tachometer, digital rpm, hour meter  
Indicator lights Standard, dash mounted switch  
Instrument panel Illuminated instrument panel  
Lights Two halogen headlights, rear work light optional  
Optional lights Available  
Overall height 70.4 in. (1787 mm)  
Overall height
Top of ROPS 86.2 in (2190 mm)  
Overall length
With 3 Pt hitch 95.5 in. (2425 mm)  
Overall width 44.5 in. (1130 mm)  
Tread width
Front 36.6 in. (930 mm)  
Rear 32.2 in. (820 mm)  
Wheelbase 55.1 in. (1400 mm)  
Ground clearance 8.7 in. (220 mm)  
Turning radius
Without brake 7.2 ft. (2.2 m)  
Power unit 1587 lbs. (720 kg)  
Front 18 x 8.5 - 10, Turf tire  
Rear 26 x 12 - 12, Turf tire  
Front 18 x 8.5 - 10, Industrial tire  
Rear 26 x 12 - 12, Industrial tire  
Safety Equipment
ROPS Standard, Foldable ROPS  
Safety switches PTO Engagement, HST Neutral  
Operator's presence control (OPC) Standard  
Engine shut-off Electric Key Shut-Off  
Seat belts Standard, Retractable  
Spark arresting muffler Optional  
Parking brakes Standard  
Grab handles for entry / exit Standard  
Flashers Standard  
Brakes Standard  
Paint Kubota Orange  
SMV Standard  
Lights Two halogen headlights  
Loader Specifications
Loader model LA240A  
(A) Max. Lift height to bucket pivot pin
Standard 71.3 in. (1810 mm)  
(C) Clearance with bucket dumped
Standard 52.4 in. (1330 mm)  
(D) Reach at max. Lift height
Standard 26.2 in. (665 mm)  
(E) Max. Dump angle
Standard 45 degrees  
Loader Dimensional Specifications
(F) Reach with bucket on ground
Standard 54.7 in. (1390 mm)  
(G) Bucket roll-back angle
At ground level 29 degrees  
Loader Bucket Specifications
(Y) Breakout Force (Bucket pivot pin)
Bucket breakout force 992 lbs. (4410 N)  
Loader Dimensional Specifications
(H) Digging depth
Standard 4.7 in. (120 mm)  
Loader Specifications
(X) Lift Capacity (500 mm forward, 1500 mm height)
Standard 518 lbs. (235 kg)  
(U) Lift Capacity (Bucket pivot pin, max height)
Standard 745 lbs. (338 kg)  
Loader Bucket Specifications
Standard bucket
Capacity 48 in.  
Backhoe Specifications
Transport height 67.7 in. (1719 mm)  
Maximum digging depth 6'1" (1842 mm)  
Loading height 5' (1533 mm)  
Swing pivot to rear axle center line 28.6 in. (726 mm)  
Angle of departure per SAE: J1234 20.1 Degrees  
Swing arc 140 Degrees  
Non commercial use 36 Months, 2,000 hour limit  
Commercial use 24 Months, No hour limit  
Powertrain purchasable Optional for Residential Only  
Standard Equipment
No implements come as standard equipment

Optional Equipment Available
  • Kubota Design & Built
  • 48", 54" & 60" Deck
  • Tunnel Deck Design
  • Shaft Drive Decks
  • Optional Mulching Kit
  • Kubota Design & Built
  • 48" or 54" Decks
  • Deep Deck Design
  • Shaft Drive Deck
  • Optional Mulching Kit
  • 54” Cutting width
  • Lift force is 30 lbs
  • Quick attach sub-frame
  • Hydraulic implement lift
  • Manual blade angle
Fits BX and B20 Series
  • 47" Clearing Width
  • Quick Hitch Design
  • Wafer Type Brush
  • Optional Hydraulic Angle
  • 55” Heavy Duty 2-stage
  • Quick attach sub-frame
  • Oil bath reduction gearbox
  • Hydraulic chute rotation

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    23.0 HP

    Tractor - Loader - Backhoe
    Starting at $23,313
    • Kubota Diesel
    • 2 Range HST
    • 2WD or 4WD Selectable
    • 745 lbs loader lift cap.
    • 6'1" Backhoe digging
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