Starting at $6,744
  • Digging depth of 6.7 feet
  • 4-point quick attach system
  • Optional mechanical thumb
Kubota’s original BH65 Backhoe is performance matched with the B-Series standard tractors to provide more power and greater digging capacity, and features a reversible seat for more efficient operation.
Protected Hoses
All of the hoses are routed through the durable backhoe arm for a streamlined design and enhanced protection.
Incredible Digging Power
The BH65 offers an impressive digging depth of 6.7 feet and boasts more than 2,500 pounds of bucket breakout force.
Large Operator Platform
Thanks to the new reversible seat and a compact backhoe control lever console, the tractor offers a spacious platform area for comfortable backhoe operation. And, since the backhoe connects closer to the tractor, overall balance is enhanced.
Subframe Structure
There’s no need to remove the BH65’s subframe—it operates with the loader installed, and doesn’t interfere with the mid-mount mower linkage. In addition, it allows 3-point linkage with the subframe still in place.
Reversible Seat
The B2320/B2620/B2920 tractors feature a new reversible seat, which is standard-equipped with the BH65 backhoe. This convenient seat swivels from front to back to save space and make backhoe operation more efficient. It also slides fore and aft for improved operator comfort.
Mechanical Thumb (Optional)
Kubota’s BH65 is also available with an optional 6-position thumb, for expanded capabilities and efficient material handling.
4-Points Quick Attach System
With its pin-and-hook type quick-attach system, the backhoe can be attached in minutes—without tools. And, with four connecting points for structural integrity, tractor balance is improved.
Specification Detail  
Backhoe Specifications
Model BH65  
Transport height 72.8 in. (1850 mm)  
Stabilizer spread transport 50.4 in. (1280 mm)  
Ground clearance 11.6 in. (294 mm)  
Overall width 49.6 in. (1260 mm)  
Maximum digging depth 80.1 in. (2034 mm)  
Digging depth
2 ft, flat bottom 78.8 in. (2001 mm)  
8 ft, flat bottom 56.4 in. (1432 mm)  
Operating height, fully raised 105.4 in. (2677 mm)  
Loading height 64.5 in. (1637 mm) @ 60º  
Loading reach 39.7 in. (1009 mm)  
Reach from swing pivot 108.9 in. (2767 mm)  
Swing pivot to rear axle center line 31.4 in. (797 mm)  
Bucket rotation 171.0º  
Stabilizer spread-operating 73.0 in. (1854 mm)  
Angle of departure per SAE: J1234 19.0º  
Leveling angle 11.8º  
Swing arc 150.0º  
Weight 600 lbs. (273 kg)  
Backhoe Digging Force (Per SAE J49)
With arm cylinder 1687 lbs. (7500 N)  
With bucket cylinder 2585 lbs. (11500 N)  
Backhoe Cycle Time (seconds)
Boom cylinder
Extend 4.5 sec.  
Retract 3.0 sec.  
Dipperstick cylinder
Extend 4.7 sec.  
Retract 3.5 sec.  
Bucket cylinder
Extend 2.9 sec.  
Retract 2.0 sec.  
Stabilizer cylinder
Max. Height to ground 2.5 sec.  
Ground to max. Height 1.9 sec.  
Swing cylinder, from 70 degrees to center 1.3 sec.  
Backhoe Hydraulic Cylinders
Boom cylinder
Rod diameter 1.18 in. (3.0 cm)  
Cylinder bore 2.36 in. (6.0 cm)  
Dipperstick cylinder
Rod diameter 1.18 in. (3.0 cm)  
Cylinder bore 2.36 in. (6.0 cm)  
Bucket cylinder
Rod diameter 1.18 in. (3.0 cm)  
Cylinder bore 1.97 in. (5.0 cm)  
Stabilizer cylinder
Rod diameter 0.98 in. (2.5 cm)  
Cylinder bore 2.36 in. (6.0 cm)  
Swing cylinder
Rod diameter 1.18 in. (3.0 cm)  
Cylinder bore 2.36 in. (6.0 cm)  
Backhoe Bucket Specifications
Standard bucket
Width 10, 12, 16 in. (25.4, 30.5, 40.6 cm)  
Capacity - heaped 0.74, 0.95, 1.38 cu. ft. (0.021, 0.027, 0.039 m³)  
Capacity - struck 0.60, 0.77, 1.09 cu. ft. (0.017, 0.022, 0.031 m³)  
None 3, 3, 4 tooth  
Standard bucket
Weight 64, 71, 84 lbs. (29, 32, 38 kg)  
Works With
Works With
Additional Models:
    Starting at $6,744
    • Digging depth of 6.7 feet
    • 4-point quick attach system
    • Optional mechanical thumb
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