Crop Production

When the sun warms up the soil in the spring, you don't want to miss a second to get your seeds in the ground. Kubota knows that sowing in optimal conditions makes a huge difference to your profitability, and that's why reliable, high-performing, and easy-to-adjust equipment is so important to the success of crop production.

A complete range to meet your needs.

Kubota’s cultivators, disc harrows, and spreaders are designed to incorporate residues and prepare a perfect seedbed with optimal efficiency, so that you’re getting the most out of your equipment. Once the harvest is in the bin, start preparing for the next season with our ploughs, chisels or subsoilers. Their rugged builds and dependable quality will save you time in the field, without compromising on the quality of crop.

Get the power you need to get the job done by attaching our implements to one of our Kubota tractors. The M8 and M7-2 Series come ISOBUS ready, allowing for easy connection and control of any compatible ISOBUS implements. Our hydraulics and 3-point hitch system enables multitasking and efficiency, while keeping the control in your hands. The comfort of their cabs will also make your long work days more enjoyable.

Our commitment to you:

  • Reduced operating costs: success demands reliability, and Kubota has a proven track record of building quality equipment. Our experience in agriculture is poured into everything we do in order to help farmers improve their productivity, while staying true to their bottom line.
  • Financing directly from the dealer: Kubota dealers can tailor a variety of finance programs to meet your financial needs, providing plans that are flexible and ensure you get the most out of your investment.
  • Canadian-developed solutions ready for our conditions: Kubota knows that your equipment needs to be reliable and well-suited to your unique needs. Our 360-degree farming solutions provide tough, durable tools that work the same long hours you do.
  • Your local dealer is ready to help: every Kubota dealership is independently owned and operated. The staff know their customers by name and by need - that’s why they’re able to provide the equipment, advice, and service to help you succeed in the field.