Kubota tractors are known for dependability, durability and performance. Built with Kubota’s legendary reliability, they’re easy to operate, handle and maintain. But even tractors like these Kubota workhorses need ongoing maintenance and care to ensure they’re performing at their very best.

Regular preventative maintenance is the best approach to make sure you’re avoiding breakdowns and problems during busy planting, haying or harvesting seasons on your farm, ranch, orchard or vineyard.

Here are seven things that will extend the life of your Kubota tractor:

  1. Keep your tractor clean. Dust and mud can wreak havoc on your tractor’s exterior paint, leading to rust and body corrosion that can be costly to fix. Consider a coat of wax in the fall to give the paint additional protection.
    1. Tip: regularly clean the radiator and its screens with compressed air to help the engine manage its heat.
  2. Check the engine regularly for possible damage or weak spots in hoses, tubes and belts.
  3. Be sure to keep all grease points lubricated regularly. Kubota’s High Performance Multi-Purpose Grease offers superior rust and corrosion protection, and also provides excellent resistance to water washout and outstanding high temperature stability.
    1. Tip: For optimal performance, don’t mix grease formulations - if you do and they’re not compatible with each other, they won’t lubricate as they should.
  4. Keep track of performance and maintenance issues as you go. Taking a few minutes on a rainy day to fix a small problem - like an oil leak, for example - will avoid bigger, costlier issues down the road.
  5. Engines are the heart of Kubota equipment. Keep your owner’s manual handy and follow its recommended service intervals for filter replacement, oil changes and other processes.
    1. Kubota-branded oil filters help ensure quality and performance with superior filtration efficiency.
    2. Super UDT2 oil is a multi-purpose, all-weather type hydraulic oil that can be used for a variety of parts. It has a high break performance, keeps the transmission in good working condition, and its anti-wear property is excellent at protecting gears and bearings from wear and tear.
    3. Kubota hydraulic fluids provide excellent anti-foaming properties and have a high tolerance to water, smooth operation, and prevention of rust.
  6. Check tire pressure regularly. Use a tire sealant, like Kubota’s high-quality sealant, to seal tread-area punctures, rim and bead leaks, weather cracking and porosity leaks. Fixing a slow leak in the off-season or during a short period of down time between hay cuts or in between wheat and soybean harvest will save time and stress later on in the season.
  7. If you haven’t used your tractor for a while, check the engine for birds, rodents and other critters that might have gotten comfortable in there.

Kubota’s M Series family of tractors and compatible implements has something to offer farms of every type and size. From livestock and poultry operation to forage and crop production or high-value specialty crops, you’ll find what suits your needs best among Kubota’s M60, M4D, M6S, M5, M5L and M6 utility tractors.

And for larger commercial farms - livestock, hay, cash crop or horticulture production - Kubota’s M7 and M8 tractors are the powerhouses that will keep you in the field, orchard or vineyard all day long.