Prep Your Tractor for Spring

Although some tractors are used year-round - think snow removal or moving round bales to feed livestock in the winter for example - most spend at least a few months of the year idle.

As you’re preparing for spring, you’ll want to ensure your tractor and implements are tuned up and ready to run, whether that’s for seedbed prep, planting or putting down fertilizer. The last thing you need when you’re ready to hit the field is a breakdown that will delay your spring rollout plan.

Cleaning and scouting

Complete a full walk-around of your tractor to spot any obvious maintenance tasks that need to be taken care of. Look for broken wires and loose hardware, and make sure everything is properly greased. Clean out any dirt or debris left over from last season - and don’t forget to give the cab a good once-over too!

Tire check

Inspect the tires for proper inflation and look for any cracks, punctures, or tears. Correct any issues to make sure the tractor is ready to go.

Eyes on the engine

Check and clean the engine, and inspect belts for cracks, missing sections and proper tension. Keep an eye out for any critters that might have spent the winter under the hood.

Replace all the engine oil even if it’s not yet time to do so - not only will this save you from having to change the oil during the busy season, but it’ll also boost your performance from the get-go. You’ll also want to check and top up transmission fluids and coolants.

Freshen the fuel

If the tractor has been idle for a while, drain out any old fuel left over from the previous season and start from scratch with a fresh tank. This helps prevent tractor damage from any potential contaminants that may have gathered over the winter.

Tech check

Confirm that all lights, panels and cameras are operating correctly. This is also a good time to make sure all the electronics and technology are updated and working properly.

The Kubota M Series family of tractors and compatible implements offers a solution for farms of every type and size. Whether you’re running a smaller livestock operation, growing crops as part of a mixed farm, baling hay or completing some property maintenance projects, Kubota’s M4D, M5, M6S and M60 Utility tractors offer the powerful performance you’re looking for.

The M7 and M8 tractors are ideally suited for larger farms, from commercial livestock, forage and crop production to high-value specialty crop operations that call for dependable performance from dawn to dusk.

All Kubota tractors are known for their hassle-free dependability and durability. A little bit of extra prep in the spring will get your growing season underway smoothly and keep you in the tractor cab instead of the maintenance shop.

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