BX TLB Series

Tractor Loader Backhoes

  • Warranty 6 year powertrain

The compact powerhouse you've been looking for.  From the diesel engine to the intuitive controls the BX23S is 100% designed and manufactured by Kubota. Equipped with a standard and factory-installed front loader and backhoe, this series combines tractor convenience with excavator and loader capabilities. With over 17 attachments to choose from, this versatile workhorse is a year-round solution that can effortlessly tackle loading, mowing, digging, snowblowing and way more. We know you have ambitious projects, we made this series so you could tackle them.



Kubota diesel engine

Renowned worldwide, Kubota diesel engines stand as the epitome of power and reliability. Engineered with precision and built to last, our engines have earned a reputation for their unmatched performance and durability. The BX23S has the option of a 16.6 and 21.6 horsepower diesel engine, both 3-cylinder workhorses that offer power unparalleled for tractors this size. All the muscle you need to tackle even your toughest jobs.


Year-round versatility

The ultimate jack-of-all-trades, with its extensive selection of over 17 attachments, this powerhouse is ready to tackle any task. From mowing to digging to plowing to snow blowing or hauling, the BX23S is a reliable workhorse that empowers you to conquer every season with confidence.


Small and mighty

The BX23S’s overall length resembles that of a yard tractor, making it an agile performer in tight spaces while being gentle on turf. Don't let its size deceive you; this compact tractor packs a punch and excels in handling an impressive variety of tasks with ease.


All day comfort

Discover unmatched comfort and efficiency with our new deluxe seat. The high-back reclining design, adjustable armrests, and soft cushioning provide optimal support. Easily switch between tractor and backhoe operation with the seat's smooth rotation. Tackle demanding tasks with ease and maintain peak performance throughout the day.

Time-saving K-Connect for front implements

The K-Connect 4 point hitch allows you to connect front implements like a snowblower or blade in no time including the PTO connection with the touch of a lever.


Intuitive operation

An intuitive interface for smooth, safe, and efficient tractor operation. Instantly grasp your tractor’s vital information with a single glance at the redesigned panel. The prominent tachometer, featuring an orange indicator, guides you to the optimal rpm range for loader and backhoe tasks.


Exceptional ground clearance

The BX Series provides plenty of ground clearance - 7.6 inches for the BX1880, 8.4 inches for BX2380/ BX2680/BX23S - to get you over rocks and other objects in your path.

Telematics - Optional

Now available with KubotaNOW Telematics. With KubotaNOW you can access important information on your tractor including GPS location, geofence, restart inhibit, alerts, machine status and battery level.


Dual functionality loader

Our exclusive Kubota designed front loader valve makes operations more intuitive and flexible, by allowing the operator to raise or lower the boom while curling or dumping the bucket. Perfect for experienced and first-time users alike.

Compatible Implements / Attachments

    K54-K64 Series

    Rear Snowblowers

    K Connect

    Front Hitch & Driveline (BX)

    BB12 Series

    Box Blades

    LR05 Series

    Landscape Rakes

    PD10 Series

    Post Hole Diggers

    RTA12 Series

    Rotary Tillers

    RTR05 Series

    Rotary Tillers

    RTR12 Series

    Rotary Tillers

    FDR16 Series

    Grooming Mowers

    RCR12 Series

    Rotary Cutters

    QH05 Series

    Quick Hitches

    CA15 Series


    STB05 Series

    Snow Trip Blades

    PFL12 Series

    Pallet Forks

    QH16 Series

    Quick Hitches