Great Plains Native Grass Drills

These 3-point drills feature the Series II Picker-Wheel Meter and native grass agitators. The 1 bu./ft. native grass box effectively meters everything from fluffy native grass mixes to denser seeds, such as brome. All models also come standard with a 2 bu./ft. fluted feed seed box to meter standard seed, from alfalfa to oats. If needed, a third small seeds box can be added to accurately meter even the smallest seeds.


Native grass opener

Features 13.5" blades with ¼" offset to aid in penetration. Has the ability to plant three different seed types at three depths and three rates – at the same time. Extra-large seed tube for native grass allows the seed to flow to the trench without bridging.

Nylatron(R) slide blocks

Modern materials reduce or eliminate wear.

Series II native grass drive

This system provides higher seeding rates and more aggressive native grass feeding than other boxes. It meters even the fluffiest native grass seed by continually moving the seed with the agitator and by pulling it down out of the seed box and into the native grass seed tube with the aggressive picker wheel.

No-till conversion

If equipped with a single gauge wheel, a 3PNG15 can be converted to a no-till drill by adding a Center Pivot Hitch.

Press wheel options

Choices include 3"x13" double rib press wheels, 3"x13" center rib press wheels that create a crease over the seed to aid in even seed emergence, or 2"x13" smooth press wheels that firm the soil directly over the seed.

Simple ground-driven seed-rate drive

The adjustable ground-drive gauge wheel features 4" of travel for following the contours of uneven field conditions.

Single or dual gauge wheels

Choose between single or dual gauge wheels. Single gauge wheels can be ordered with either implement tires or heavy-duty skid steer tires.

Optional seed plugs

Redirects seed flow to desired rows; easy to install and remove.

Optional small seeds box attachment

Mounts directly to the back of the main seed box. Utilizes a smaller version of the fluted feed cup to accurately meter tiny seeds like alfalfa and wildflowers.

Optional flat-fold marker

Heavy-duty markers with adjustable discs to penetrate residue and soil.

Optional press wheel scrapers

Keeps the press wheels clean to improve depth control.

Optional pull package

Turns 3-point drills into pull-type machines.



    Native Grass Drills
    • Row Spacings: 7.5", 10"
    • Main Box Capacity: 30 bu
    • Minimum HP Required (Engine): 110 HP


    Native Grass Drills
    • Row Spacings: 7.5"
    • Main Box Capacity: 60 bu
    • Minimum HP Required (Engine): 140 HP