Great Plains 2N-2410 & 2N-3010

The direct link press wheel provides accurate depth control with 18 different depth settings, adjusted in 1/8" increments. The 2.1 bu./ft. seed box minimizes fill time while maximizing productivity. Plus, the drill’s wide, stable walkboard offers added convenience while filling. These units come standard with point-row clutches, allowing the operator to seed with one half of the drill width to save seed costs.


Coulter-assisted opener system

This system splits no-till seeding into two operations: penetration and seed placement. Preloaded at 450 lbs., coulters get the job done by working at the desired depth, ensuring optimum seed placement for a uniform stand. Increase coulter depth to penetrate hard, dry soils, or reduce coulter depth in soft conditions. This allows the 10 Series parallel linkage double-disc openers to properly place the seed. Seeding depth is set by the 18-position T-handle at the rear of the opener.

Point-row clutches

Shuts off drill sections for point-row seeding.

User-friendly fold system

Fold and unfold electro-hydraulically from the tractor seat! Calibrate easily and accurately with the 4-speed gearbox and adjustable powdered metal flutes, which are gentle, yet tough enough to stand up to abrasive seeds. Conveniently grease hard-to-reach coulter pivots with grease banks on each wing to eliminate premature wear.

Weight brackets

Optional weight brackets allow you to add tractor weights for extra penetration.

Heavy-duty tires

Eight skid steer tires help keep this beefy no-till drill on top of the ground and provide added protection against tire damage from BT corn stalks and other field hazards.

Lead coulter options

Choose between a wide ¾" wavy blade, a 5/8" Turbo coulter blade that is aggressive and prepares a mini seedbed ahead of the opener, or a 5/16" fluted coulter blade that penetrates easily to perform minimum tillage.

Press wheel options

Single press wheel choices include either 3"x13" double rib or center rib, or 2"x13" smooth. 1"x12" double-V press wheels are also an option.

T-handle depth control

T-handle offers 18 different positions for accurate depth control.

Optional shaft monitor

Economical way to monitor if the drill stops delivering seed.

Optional row markers

Heavy-duty markers engineered to penetrate no-till residue and soil.

Optional small seeds box

Mounts to the back of the main seed box to handle small seeds with ease.

Optional seed firmer

Keeps the seed in the bottom of the trench as it firms it into the soil.

Optional seed box agitator

Eliminates bridging and provides consistent seed flow to the seed cups.



    Pull-Type Drill
    • Row Spacings 7.5", 10"
    • Main Box Capacity 48 bu
    • Minimum HP Required (Engine) 165 HP


    Pull-Type Drill
    • Row Spacings 7.5", 10"
    • Main Box Capacity 60.6 bu
    • Minimum HP Required (Engine) 200 HP