KX080-4 Series


  • Warranty 2 year

Kubota’s flagship 8-ton Power Utility Excavator combines performance with superior digging force.


2-pump load-sensing hydraulic system

A new 2-pump load-sensing system improves the overall smoothness of operations when using front attachments, letting you effortlessly perform simultaneous operations. You’ll notice the difference when simultaneously operating the front working group while traveling.

Tight tail swing & compact machine width

Thanks to its contoured, tight tail design created by the shorter rear overhang, the KX080-4 has excellent stability, can handle a wider range of loads, and can work in more restrictive spaces

Industrial digging force

You need exceptional power when trenching through compacted soil. With the KX080-4S2, elevated productivity levels are certain with the combination of 14,660 lbs. bucket force and 8,554 lbs. arm forces. The KX080-4S2 powers through those demanding applications so that you can quickly move on to the next job.

Angle blade option

Save time and work more efficiently. With a simple movement of the rocker switch, the hydraulic angle blade can be angled to the right or left to push soil to the side as the machine moves forward, eliminating the need for repetitive repositioning at right angles when backfilling trenches.

Adjustable auxiliary flow

This unique function lets you control the oil flow and eliminates the hassle of using tools to change settings manually. The maximum oil flow setting is conveniently adjustable using the digital panel. You can even program up to five oil flow rates corresponding to specific attachments so they can be quickly retrieved for the next job. Adjustable oil flow enhances performance and saves fuel .

Comfort & convenience

A spacious operator station designed for greater comfort, with a fully flat floor for more legroom, digital panel with easy access, simple settings and easy-to-read indicators and alerts. An option, the cab allows for easy entry and exit, with an easy-open front slide window.


Front pin bushings to help maximize durability, centralized swivel bearing lubrication, protected cylinder hoses, steel hood panels, one-sided engine maintenance, and wide hood openings for easy access to engine and other vital components.

Track options

Choose from Rubber Track, Narrow and Wide Steel Track options to equip.

Compatible Attachments