Utility Tractors

  • Warranty 6 year


Grand X Cab

Discover freedom from within. The M6 boasts one of the largest cabs in its class. We removed the center pillars and rounded the glass increasing both interior height and width to provide a more spacious feel. Wide-opening doors provide easier access while the unobstructed ceiling and fully flat floor guarantee more head- and legroom for a higher level of comfort even during long hours behind the wheel.

Intelli-shift transmission

All four models of M6 tractors feature Kubota’s 24 Speed Intelli-Shift transmission and an optional creep gear for a total F32/R32. The Intelli-Shift transmission features 8 powershift gears and 3 ranges Hi, Mi, and Low. Simply shift up or down in gears from the touch of a button, which is located on the shifting lever or conveniently on your deluxe armrest. With the powershift buttons and the range lever incorporated together, finding the right gear for field work or travel is simplified.

Bevel-gear front axle

Another Kubota exclusive, the bevel-gear front-wheel drive enables the tractors to achieve a tight turning radius, thanks to a generous 50˚ wheel-turning angle, enabling easy handling in varying conditions. The bevel gear design eliminates open U-joints and all components are hermetically sealed in oil.

Work Kruise

The M6 Series engines feature an electronic governor that electronically keeps the engine revolution constant, preventing drops in PTO speed and enabling stable operation. Used with the transmission’s Auto Mode feature, Work Kruise makes working with PTO-driven implements much more efficient. RPM Dual Memory With the press of a button, you can now pre-set and save up to two frequently used engine RPM settings. So whether you have a favorite setting for PTO work, front loader work, or changing directions, your Kubota runs just the way you want, without having to adjust the throttle.

Hydraulic system

For smooth implement handling and extra speed of front loader and rear implement operations, M6 Series tractors come equipped with gear-type hydraulic pumps. An external hydraulic cylinder improves lifting force and eases maintenance, while the adoption of an unload valve minimizes loss to hydraulic pressure to exert greater power during PTO operations when the 3-point hitch is not in use. Hydraulic Flow Valves and Auxiliary Control Valve: To ensure faster loader cycle times and instantaneous implement response, M6 Series tractors have high-flow, 18.7 gpm (M6-101/M6-111) and 20.4 gpm (M6-131/M6-141) hydraulic pump. Two remote valves come standard—an SCD/Self-Canceling Detent and FD/Float-type valve. The maximum installation is 4 valves.

Individual flow control valve

The standard individual flow control valve allows the hydraulic flow to be adjusted independently for up to 4 auxiliary control valves so each valve together or the valves and 3-point hitch can be operated simultaneously. The oil flow rate is easily regulated by adjusting each flow control dial.

Auto 2WD

Select the Auto 4WD mode, and your M6 tractor automatically switches from 4WD to 2WD when the traveling speed exceeds 12.5mph (20km/h). 4WD will re-engaged when the traveling speed falls below 10.5mph (17km/h). Auto 4WD not only lets you move smoothly at high range, but also saves fuel and reduces tire wear.

Front hitch & PTO (optional)

Performance matched front 3-pt hitch and more versatility, providing the ability to attach front mount implements such as snow blowers and blades.


Model name
Power take off (PTO)
Live-independent PTO, hydraulically operated wet clutch, w/ PTO brake
Low range
Rated engine speed
540 rpm / 540 rpm
High range
Rated engine speed
1000 rpm / 1000 rpm
Drive train/transmission
Range gear shift
3-speed mechanical shift with clutch button
Microprocessor-controlled electro-hydraulic shuttle
Brake type
Hydraulically operated wet disc brakes, with automatic front axle engagement
Bi-speed turn
Main clutch diameter
5.2 in / 133 mm
Max. traveling speed
21.9 mph / 35.3 km/h
Main gear shift
8-speed powershift
Front wheel drive system
Bevel gear type, on-the-go electro-hydraulic engagement, w/ electro-hydraulic front differential loc
Number of speeds
Number of speeds (optional)
Creep (forward)
Creep (reverse)
Main gear shift
Intelli-Shift transmission
Creep speed
0.42 mph / 0.67 km/h
Clutch type
Main clutch
Multiple wet disc, electro-hydraulically operated
Hydraulic system
3-Point hitch
Control system
Electronic draft control, lower link sensing, left fender-mounted hitch switch standard
Steering type
Hydrostatic power steering
Number of
Remote valves
2 standard (3rd, 4th optional) w/ built-in flow control
Lift capacity
At 24 in. behind lift point SAE
6834 lb / 3100 kg
At 24 in. behind lift point OECD
5732 lb / 2600 kg
Pump Output
Hitch & remote
18.7 gpm / 70.9 l/min
Power steering
16 gpm / 60.4 l/min
CAB features
Seat type
Swivel, reclining, full adjustment (height, weight, fore & aft.), arm rests, retractable seat belt
Operator area
ISO-mounted flat deck, hanging pedals, tilt & telescopic wheel
2 headlights, 4 front working lights, 2 rear working lights, 2 tail lights, 4 safety flashers
Heater/Air conditioner, sun visor, front wiper/washer, rear wiper/washer, beverage holder, 12V. 30 A
Dimensions and weight
Crop clearance
17.7 in / 450 mm
Overall height
109.8 in / 2790 mm
Overall length
165.4 in / 4200 mm
95.9 in / 2435 mm
9601 lb / 4355 kg
Overall width
(min. tread)
82.7 in / 2100 mm
Tread width
62.2 in / 1580 mm
59.8 in / 1520 mm
Turning radius
Without brake
13.1 ft / 4 m
130 A / 130 A
Fuel tank capacity
50.2 gal / 190 l
230 cu. in. / 3769 cc
PTO horsepower
82 HP / 61 kW
Engine net horsepower @ rpm
97.1 HP / 72.4 kW
Engine gross horsepower @ rpm
104.5 HP / 77.9 kW
Rated engine speed
2600 rpm / 2600 rpm
Exhaust / muffler
Under-hood, corner-post exhaust pipe
4.72 in / 120 mm
3.94 in / 100 mm
Turbocharger with intercooler
Air pre-cleaner
8" Dry, dual-element
Common Rail System, direct injection, liquid-cooled
V3800 – TI – CRS
Number of
100 A / 100 A
Fluid capacities
DEF tank capacity
4.2 gal / 16 l
12.4 R24
18.4 R30
80" wide axle kit, 3-point high capacity lift cylinders, front weight bumper for 12 weights, front w