The 1206NT comes standard with a main seed box. Its 4-speed gearbox and fluted feed meter gently and precisely meter a wide variety of seed. An optional native grass box can be added to meter the fluffiest native grass. Smaller seeds, like clovers, can be seeded by adding a small seeds box. This adds up to three boxes planting three seeds at three different rates.

End wheel design makes the 1206NT extremely maneuverable and reliable. By keeping all ground-working components in line with the end wheels, openers are prevented from sideloading when working on rolling terrain and contours. Additional features that increase the convenience and productivity of the 1206NT End Wheel are hydraulically-adjustable coulter depth and a mechanical clutch that disengages when the drill is raised.



06 series opener

The 06 Series row unit utilizes the “Fluff and Plant” no-till system with an integrally-mounted coulter that cuts residue and prepares a mini seedbed for the trailing double-disc opener.

4-speed gearbox

Changing seed rates is quick and effortless with these permanently lubricated, sealed gearboxes.

End wheel drive

Large end wheels provide excellent ground drive to the seed meters. Lockout hubs save drive components from wear.

Grease bank

Lets you service all the coulter pivot components from two locations.

Integrated weight brackets

Allow you to easily add weight for better penetration in tough no-till conditions.

Lead coulter options

Choose between a wide ¾" wavy blade, a 5/8" Turbo coulter blade that is aggressive and prepares a mini seedbed ahead of the opener, or a 5/16" fluted coulter blade that penetrates easily to perform minimum tillage.

Modular design allows up to three boxes on a unit

This allows three different seeds to be planted at separate rates and different depths at the same time. Optional boxes include native grass or fertilizer, and small seeds.

Press wheel options

Choices include, from left, single 3"x13" double rib press wheels; single 3"x13" center rib press wheels; single 2"x13" smooth press wheels; 1"x12" double-V press wheels.

T-handle depth control

T-handles offer 18 different positions for accurate depth control.

Optional fertilizer box

Easy cleanout and six-point meter wheels accurately meter dry fertilizer. 12 cu. ft. capacity.

Optional seed box agitator

Eliminates bridging and provides consistent seed flow to the seed cups.



    No-Till Drill
    • Row Spacings: 7.5"
    • Main Box Capacity: 28.8 bu
    • Minimum HP Required (Engine): 75