RCR12 Series

Rotary Cutters


Surpassed rugged industry standards

All Land Pride Cutters have been designed and tested and meet rigorous voluntary testing procedures specified by ANSI

3 year gearbox warranty

Shows our confidence in the gearbox integrity.

Cat. 3 driveline with shearbolt

Shear bolt offers maximum driveline protection.

Cat. 3 driveline with 2-plate slip-clutch

Slip-clutch driveline offers convenience for continual work.

Floating top link

Provides for easy hook-up. Permits deck to follow the terrain for an even cut. Two hole position to allow greater lift leverage for smaller tractors.

Round back design

Helps discharge grass better than enclosed or partially enclosed cutters.

Rubber guarding

Protect against flying debris.

Metal guarding

Protects against flying debris