U17 Series


  • Warranty 2 year


Zero tail overhang

Zero-tail swing means you’ll never again worry about what is to the side or behind you while you work. No matter how far you turn, the tail always remains within the width of the tracks. Zero-tail swing also ensures excellent balance, stability and faster operation, making the U17 ideal for jobs in congested areas.

Kubota Tier 4 diesel engine

Greater efficiency, clean burning with low noise and vibration.

Variable track width

The U17 features a hydraulic track gauge that can be adjusted to between 3' 3" and 4'1" (990 mm and 1,240 mm). With the touch of a single lever, you can reduce the track gauge to navigate narrow spaces or increase it to improve functionality.

Two-speed travel

By placing the 2-speed travel switch on the dozer lever, dozing operations have become faster and easier.

Two Pattern Selector System (TPSS) with pilot control hydraulics

TPSS is standard equipment, allowing the operator to select the most familiar operating control pattern, either ISO or SAE.

Rollers & crawler

Like many higher-end excavators, the U17 features double-flanged track rollers and short-pitched rubber crawlers for improved undercarriage durability. The double-flanged track rollers help improve travel stability and performance, and the short-pitched rubber crawlers help minimize vibration during travel for improved operator comfort.

Thumb option

Excavators are only as good as the tools that are attached to the arm such as buckets. Kubota Canada Limited offers a thumb option that turns the U17 into a multi purpose tool. The thumb allows you to grab objects with ease and keep your load in your bucket.

Auxiliary hydraulic system

The U17’s auxiliary hydraulic system accommodates a variety of attachments, such as breakers and augers. Standard equipment includes port pipes on the arm, bi-directional auxiliary hydraulic controls, and a control valve. The auxiliary hydraulic connections are located within easy reach and incorporate short hoses that are less likely to become tangled or damaged.

Compatible Attachments