Specialty Tractors for Special Crops

Fruit and vegetable production is unlike any other type of agriculture. Many fruit and vegetable crops have very short seasons, so orchards, vineyards, berry farms and vegetable producers often don’t just grow one crop the way farmers who produce hay, forage, grain or other field crops.

Instead, their season may start in spring with asparagus and strawberries, move to summer sweet corn and peaches, and end in fall with apples and pumpkins – with a multitude of other crops in between from rhubarb and sweet cherries to watermelon and sweet potatoes.

That means the tractors and implements they depend on have to be versatile, rugged and durable to handle a whole season of tasks, from planting and harvesting to packing and loading freshly picked produce for market.  Kubota’s vast lineup of adaptable and reliable M Series utility tractors, including the M4D, M5, M6, M7, and M8 provide solutions to tackle any one of these specialty crop challenges.

Orchards and vineyards are particularly challenging because trees and vines grow closely together and in tightly spaced rows to make sure every acre produces the most amount of fruit possible.

That’s why Kubota has developed the perfect solution of powerful, responsive tractors matched with compatible implements from spreaders to pallet forks that are specifically designed for orchards, vineyards, and other spaces that require narrow tractors to navigate small spaces.

The M4N and M5N tractors are both part of Kubota’s M Series tractor family, so they’re designed and built with the strength, versatility and durability all Kubota tractors are known for – but adapted specifically for the unique needs of grape and tree fruit growers.

You’ll be able to move easily between rows of grape vines, fruit or nut trees to put down fertilizer, mow grass or pull a sprayer without damaging or compromising your sensitive, high value crops. Kubota’s narrow specialty tractors are even versatile enough to handle pallet forks when your harvest is packed and ready to ship.

At the same time, you have enough power and performance to use Kubota’s compatible plows, harrows and cultivators when needed, offering you a truly versatile solution that will meet all of your farm needs.