Kubota: part of the Canadian landscape.

When it comes to equipment, the grass isn’t always greener: you need tested-and-true equipment you can trust. With over 45 years in Canada, Kubota knows the terrain. That’s why Kubota has the equipment and attachments you need for landscaping projects like building fences and decks, moving grass and building pathways.

With Kubota’s range of compact equipment, you’ll be able to dig deep even in tight spaces - without sacrificing power and maneuverability. With outstanding traction, Kubota Construction Equipment can get the job done when the terrain is steep or slippery. The Kubota SZ, Z700 and ZD mowers are built tough to deliver power and performance day in and day out during the peak mowing months. With their larger fuel capacities, and attachments like landscape rakes, post hole diggers and seeders that attach seamlessly and safely, there’s less downtime. Plus, Kubota's unmatched comfort helps make long days a little easier even in tough Canadian conditions thanks to suspensions systems like the air ride seat found on premium zero-turn mowers.

Precision counts. Take advantage of machine control.

To help operators work efficiently and safely, Kubota’s solution of Compact Track Loader, Skid Steer, Box Blade and Trimble EarthWorks Go will help you be more efficient and profitable when hardscaping.

Kubota has the features you need:

  • Get on the right track: whether you’re on hard or soft surfaces, Kubota is equipped with the padded or wavy track to give you maximum traction, durability and flotation with minimal damage to the surface.
  • Tires for every terrain: Kubota off road tires give provide maximum traction in non-hard surfaces such as dirt, clay, turf or gravel, no matter the conditions. Plus, low tread profile tweel wheels offer an alternative to tires – which means less damage to ground and they’ll never go flat.