Conventional and Reversible Mounted Ploughs

Heat treated steel, body shape, plowing width… Since Kubota has partnered with Kverneland, every Kubota plough benefits from the engineering excellence of this world renowned manufacturer.



Kubota Variomat®

Kubota Variomat® system allows the optimal match between the soil conditions, the plough and the tractor for the maximum output. Kubota‘s patented Variomat® is the most reliable system on the market. It also ensures the correct parallel linkage along the whole plough. The pulling line adjustments are hence automatic. The benefits are easy handling, low draft requirements, low wear and tear. By varying the furrow width, the work can be kept straighter. It is also easier to work up to the hedges, and any obstacles.

Kubota Auto-Line

Kubota Auto-line system is a standard device which guarantees the correct pulling line at any time. When changing the working width, both front furrow width and pulling line adjust accordingly. Kubota Auto-line system makes these adjustments automatically. The position of the headstock remains in the center of the tractor, all the time, ensuring a favorable and an even geometry of the three point linkage. Side pull and unnecessary high landside pressure are therefore avoided. Consequently, the Kubota Auto-line system ensures an efficient ploughing with less fuel consumption.

Kubota Auto-Reset

Kubota Non-stop system guarantees a quality ploughing. The legs release independently one from another. Once the obstruction is passed, the plough body automatically returns to the correct ploughing depth. The Kubota leaf spring Non-stop system is highly recommended. When hitting an obstacle, the pressure on the point, frame, plough parts, decreases. The stress on the plough is therefore reduced which guarantees a longer life to the plough and ensures a better ploughing.

Body No. 28

The answer for ploughing with wide tires. Benefits - very wide empty furrow – ground preserving tyres, easy pulling and therefore low fuel consumption, good turning and well packed, good trash burial, and perfect universal body for all soils.


Easily adjustable skimmers: Available in two versions: standard manure and maize skimmer for those difficult conditions with large amounts of trash. Skimmers are recommended for efficient burial of stubble, grass, straw and weeds to provide a trash free finish prior to seed bed preparation. See our brochure for all other available accessories to customize your plough including: Trashboards, Sword Share Knives, Furrow Splitters, Landside Knives, Disc Coulters, Reverisble Points, XHD Carbide Wear Parts, Quick Release Coupling and Wheel Options.

Kubota Packomat

Ploughing alone benefits most soils. Re-consolidation after ploughing or before seeding increases productivity and favours higher yields. Packomat works in all ploughing conditions. It levels, re-consolidates, crushes clods, prepares seed beds, from light-dry to heavy-wet soils. Benefits: Easy packing pressure adjustments - either by a turnbuckle or hydraulic cylinder Optimised levelling - front harrows to break apart clods Low pulling forces - no extra pulling force than the plough alone Easy handling - in field and in transport

Low Pull Requirement

Recent university studies have revealed that the design of Kubota bodies offer some of the lowest pulling forces on the market: from -20% to -42% when ploughing at 8” (20 cm) working depth and -11% to -24% at 12” (30 cm). It is therefore possible to plough with 1 extra Kubota body and gain in output compared to competition. As regard to fuel consumption, it is reduced by 19% to 28% when using a Kubota plough.

Kverneland's Unique Steel

Adapted steel heat treatments carried out to the complete plough for the optimal robustness. Kverneland's excellence in steel, engineering and manufactuing can be found in every Kubota plough. KVERNELAND is world renowned. Kverneland is world renowned and unequalled in producing ploughs with outstanding performance and longevity and hence, low operating costs. HIGHEST strength to weight ratio on the market. Kverneland steels combined to a unique heat treatment technology, actually applied to the complete plough, result in an unsurpassed strength to weight ratio. A Kubota plough for a peace of mind! Problems always happen when the plough is being used, when the work must be done. Kubota ploughs offer a peace of mind!



    Conventional Reversible Mounted Ploughs
    • Type Conventional
    • No. of Furrows: 3
    • Lift Requirement: 3,086 lbs (1,400 kg)


    • Type Conventional
    • No. of Furrows: 4
    • Lift Requirement: 4,982 lbs (2,260 kg)


    • Type Reversible
    • No. of Furrows: 3
    • Lift Requirement: 4,078 lbs (1,850 kg)


    • Type Reversible
    • No. of Furrows: 4
    • Lift Requirement: 7,165 lbs (3,250 kg)


    • Type Reversible
    • No. of Furrows: 3
    • Lift Requirement: 5,952 lbs (2,700 kg)


    • Type Reversible
    • No. of Furrows: 4
    • Lift Requirement: 8,598 lbs (3,900 kg)


    • Type Reversible
    • No. of Furrows: 5
    • Lift Requirement: 11,464 lbs (5,200 kg)