DM5000 Series

Disc Mowers

  • Warranty 24 Months


Three-bladed Discs

With three blades per disc, Kubota mowers provide a 50% higher cutting frequency compared to conventional solutions. This means a third less load per blade, an even load on the drive, smoother power usage, and produces a neat, cleanly cut stubble.

Fully Welded Cutterbar

The Kubota cutterbar’s high cooling and lubrication efficiency oil pump system reduces wear and tear. The fully welded cutterbar with overlapping C-channels makes for a very strong design requiring low maintenance with no risk of loose bolts.

Counter-Rotating Discs

All Kubota mowers have an even number of counter-rotating discs. Apart from the immediate crop transport to the rear this system ensures that even in wet conditions no stripes of uncut forage are left in the field.

Low Noise Cutterbar

The Kubota cutterbar is designed for low maintenance and offers very quiet operation. Operators will immediately love the virtually quiet operation of the new cutterbar – convenient during a long and busy work day.

Active Suspension

The DM5000 Series has an exceptional ability to adapt to field conditions. The active suspension ensures even pressure across the entire cutterbar while in rough conditions. With 1'2" of upward suspension and 9.3" of downward adaption, these machines ensure that the cutting discs are always positioned close to the ground.

Excellent Adaptation

DM5000 Series machines provide for 17 degrees of sideward adaption. This generates many benefits while working on hillsides or when aligning the unit on headlands.

Express Quick-Change Knives

DM5000 Series mowers can be fitted with the 'Express' system for quick and easy changing of knives. Simply place the lever around the bolt, release the spring by turning the lever, and the knife is ready to be replaced with a new one.

Swivel Hitch Gearbox

The swivel hitch gearbox is fixed to the mainframe in order to ensure less movement during operation, yet it provides unlimited rotational movement between the machine and the tractor, making it easier to perform sharp turns.



    Disc Mowers
    • Type Left Hand Trailed
    • Horsepower (min.) 45.0 HP
    • PTO 540 or 1,000 rpm
    • Cutting Width 9'2"


    Disc Mowers
    • Type Left Hand Trailed
    • Horsepower (min.) 65.0 HP
    • PTO 540 or 1,000 rpm
    • Cutting Width 10'6"


    Disc Mowers
    • Type Left Hand Trailed
    • Horsepower (min.) 85.0 HP
    • PTO 540 or 1,000 rpm
    • Cutting Width 13'1"