Kverneland Packomat

Integrated Soil Packer

Advantages :

  • Kverneland unique steels and heat treatment for a light and robust implement
  • Environmentally friendly: mechanical weed control
  • Time saving and cost efficient: reduced number of operations
  • Unrivalled results in tests carried out by independent institutes in
  • Holland and Germany against traditional towed packers
  • Less tractive power required than for traditional towed packers
  • Minimises fuel consumption compared to regular packers
  • Convenient: Packomat changes sides automatically in plough reversing processes
  • Good plough balance: constant geometry between plough and Packomat
  • Easy manual or hydraulic pressure adjustments
  • Best way of getting an early germination
  • Reduces problem associated to post-drilling droughts
  • Ready for seed drilling on light to medium soils
  • Cuts down time for seedbed operations on heavy soils
  • Safe in transport too


100% Integrated packer

Packomat follows the plough from transport to work. Compared to other packers, the Packomat offers high productivity gains.

Easy handling

From the tractor cabin, it is easy to position the Packomat for transport or work or even lifted for ploughing on field bounderies.

Optimised levelling

Choice of front harrows to crush clods and ring diameters to re-consolidate the soil.

Maximised profits

Packomat contributes to the balance of the plough in work. No extra pulling forces are needed and hence no extra fuel. The landside pressure is actually reduced and therefore the wear of the landsides. Ploughing and re-consolidating are two operations carried out in only one pass with no extra cost. Packomat contributes to maximise profitability.


Packomat works in any ploughing conditions. Soil preparation can be extended to seedbed. Available from 4 to 12 furrow Kverneland ploughs, Packomat is an efficient tool. No need for extra manpower for a safe transport.

Agronomic benefits

The combination of ploughing and re-consolidating is both efficient and environmentally friendly. Soils are loosened, organic matters are incorporated to enrich the soils. Weeds are controlled mechanically. The elevation of temperature of the ploughed soil is actually positive. The associated water evaporation is limited by the immediate re-consolidation by the Packomat rings. Water capilarity is hence re-established for the benefit of the soil life.