Great Plains Turbo-Max®

The industry-leading Turbo-Max® now offers even greater agronomic benefits and operator convenience! The innovative Implement Command® System from Great Plains allows producers to control, adjust, and monitor their Turbo-Max® from the comfort of their tractor cab. Implement Command is available on new 18'-48' Turbo-Max models.

With working widths ranging from 8.5 to 48, operations of all sizes have access to the benefits of vertical tillage. Each Turbo-Max® is designed with two rows of coulter gangs, with blades spaced 7½" apart. The rear gangs offset the front gangs, splitting the blade spacing to 3¾" for superior residue sizing in one pass. This allows the Turbo-Max® to provide true vertical cutting without the shearing caused by concave blades.



Implement command® (optional)

Take control of your adjustment and monitoring needs right at your fingertips with the Implement Command option for select models of Turbo-Max®, Terra-Max®, Velocity®, and Disk Harrow! This system allows you to set, adjust, and monitor your implement on-the-go and in real time – on your ISOBUS-compatible monitor in your tractor cab.

Hydraulic rear reels

The hydraulic reel allows you to conveniently adjust down pressure or lift out of the ground with in-cab hydraulic operation. An easy-to-read pressure gauge allows for easy down-pressure monitoring from the tractor seat! This design maintains travel regardless of the selected down pressure. A hydraulic cylinder is used to preload down-pressure springs. When field conditions are not ideal, the reel can be raised completely out of the ground. The hydraulic reel is now standard on 18' and wider models and optional on 12' and 15' units.

Hydraulic adjustable tongue

Hydraulic fore/aft leveling allows the operator to easily adjust and level the implement from the cab without any wrenches or tools needed. This feature is now standard on models 18' and wider.

Hydraulically-adjustable gang angle from 0-6° on-the-go

Gangs angle on the Turbo-Max® from 0° to 6°. In the fall, angle the gangs from 3° to 6° to size and cover residue, then set the gangs at 0° in the spring to prepare the ultimate seedbed. Larger models (12' and wider) are equipped with hydraulic cylinders to make gang angle changes on the go. The smaller models are manually adjustable, with the hydraulic adjustment as an optional feature. Heavy, ductile cast spools keep the weight in the gangs, ensuring reliability of the C-shanks and bearings.

True vertical tillage machine

With 20" Turbo coulters spaced 7½" apart, Turbo-Max® provides true vertical cutting without the shearing caused by concave blades. Offset front and rear gangs achieve an effective residue cutting width of 3¾" when running at 0°.

Turbo-Seeder™ for cover crops (optional)

Combine the benefits of cover crop application and soil management with the Turbo-Seeder from Great Plains! Turbo-Seeder™ offers a cost-effective, highly productive method for broadcast seeding cover crops with a vertical or hybrid tillage tool. With Turbo-Seeder™, you can simultaneously till your soil, size residue, and plant cover crops in one pass.

Hydraulic weight transfer is standard (models 18' and larger)

The hydraulic weight transfer creates an even, constant downforce across the entire width of the implement to ensure uniform penetration and eliminate the possibility for the wings to float.

Rolling spike harrow

Rolling spike harrow tines split Turbo coulters to ensure thorough mixing of soil and residue, resulting in a smooth, uniform seedbed for optimum planter performance.

7½" blade spacing

Turbo-Max® features two gangs — each with 7½" spacing between coulters — with the rear gang offset from the front gang. The gangs work together to size residue to an industry-leading 3¾".

Virtually maintenance free bearings

New 7-lip TillXtreme™ seals on each side of the gang bearings lock in grease and prevent contamination. Additionally, the walking beam pivots utilize coated bushings, eliminating the need for tapered bearings and grease in pivot points. Drop axles pivot on anti-rotational pins, requiring no maintenance.

Optional weight package

Consists of two 750-lb. weights to aid in penetration. Weight packages vary with Turbo-Max® size.



    Great Plains Turbo-Max®
    • Working Width: 8'6"
    • Transport Width: 10.0'
    • Minimum HP Required (PTO):: 85


    Great Plains Turbo-Max®
    • Working Width: 10.0'
    • Transport Width: 11'6"
    • Minimum HP Required (PTO):: 100


    Great Plains Turbo-Max®
    • Working Width: 12.0'
    • Transport Width: 13'6"
    • Minimum HP Required (PTO):: 120


    Great Plains Turbo-Max®
    • Working Width: 15.0'
    • Transport Width: 15'6"
    • Minimum HP Required (PTO):: 150


    Great Plains Turbo-Max®
    • Working Width: 18.0'
    • Transport Width: 14.0'
    • Minimum HP Required (PTO):: 180


    Great Plains Turbo-Max®
    • Working Width: 24.0'
    • Transport Width: 15'4"
    • Minimum HP Required (PTO):: 240


    Great Plains Turbo-Max®
    • Working Width: 30.0'
    • Transport Width: 15'4"
    • Minimum HP Required (PTO):: 300


    Great Plains Turbo-Max®
    • Working Width: 35.0'
    • Transport Width: 16'9"
    • Minimum HP Required (PTO):: 350


    Great Plains Turbo-Max®
    • Working Width: 40.0'
    • Transport Width: 18.0'
    • Minimum HP Required (PTO):: 400


    Great Plains Turbo-Max®
    • Working Width: 48.0'
    • Transport Width: 18.0'
    • Minimum HP Required (PTO):: 480